Can I straighten and style The Beauty Capital Hair extensions?
Just like natural hair, The Beauty Capital Hair has beautiful styling versatility. You may wear our looks as they come, or use heat styling tools to achieve your desired look. Keep in mind that our virgin hair is just as susceptible to heat damage and loss of curl pattern as your own natural hair is. Use a heat protectant when necessary and avoid excessive exposure to straightening tools.

How long will The Beauty Capital Hair last?
Our extensions are manufactured with the utmost level of quality and design. The expectant life of your particular hair extension product depends solely on the care you provide your clip-in’s or wig, or the daily maintenance routine of your wefted hair installation.

I ordered online, but want to cancel my purchase. Is it too late?
You have 24 hours after placing your order to submit your cancellation. After this time, we are unable to honor your request.

How long after ordering will it take my package to arrive?
Orders are processed in 1-2 business days during regular seasons, and in 3-5 business days during sale and holiday time frames. Once your order is processed, you will receive an email notification that it has been shipped. You may track your order directly through our shipping carriers or through our track your order portal for an approximate arrival date.